Celebrating Halloween in a Secondary Classroom

Halloween! Who doesn’t love Halloween?! Well, often the answer is teenagers. Don’t get me wrong, they still like scary movies, zombies, and general gore. Oh, and they still like candy. You just can’t expect them to celebrate Halloween at school in the ways they did when they were younger. And to be honest, if a school administrator peeked into your room and saw your 10th graders painting pumpkins, they might question the rigor of your lesson plans for the day.

So how do you celebrate Halloween when you teach teenagers and still need to make sure they are learning?

I’ve got a solution for you — the Halloween Writing Activity: Write a Horror Story Grab Bag.

The students will choose three story starters (setting, character list, and source of spook) from a grab bag and use them as a jumping-off point in writing their own horror story.

To add to the fun:
1. Play spooky music throughout the class period.
2. Allow students to share their finished stories out loud.
3. Offer a prize to the student who writes the spookiest horror story.

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