Teaching Plot Using a Short (Not Pixar!) Film

Let me begin by saying that I hold absolutely nothing against Pixar. They’re amazing. In fact, they’re so amazing that a lot of English teachers use Pixar’s short films in their lessons.

This year, in the middle of a lesson on plot elements, several students mentioned they had more than one teacher in the past use the same Pixar short film that I was using to teach a variety of literary devices and concepts.

Great. Just, great.

After that kick in the pants, I set off to find a short film that my students would love and would work well in a lesson on plot. I found it — “The Supporting Act” — a short film (and advertisement) produced by BBC that was played on BBC One throughout December 2017.

Check out the short film. If you decide to use it to teach the plot elements in your classroom, grab this worksheet. And just like that, you’ve got a great lesson.

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