Why Author Research is Valuable

OK, so you know why author research is valuable, but do your students? Too often students complete research on an author, but don’t understand exactly what they were supposed to take away from it. Like sure, now they know Edgar Allan Poe’s favorite ice cream flavor was chocolate, but who cares? (Please do not fact-check me on that tidbit of information as it’s entirely fabricated.)

The next time you have students complete research on an author, be sure they understand the value the information has when performing literary analysis.

The author’s personal and professional life may provide insight into some of the choices they made while writing the text.

If you’d like some handouts and worksheets to help your students understand the importance of author research (in further detail) and perform it, head over to my TpT store and browse my Author Research & Analyzing Author’s Purpose worksheets. Over 50 of the most commonly-taught authors are available for you to choose from.

Happy teaching!


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