Activity Bundle: “The Pedestrian” by Ray Bradbury

This activity bundle provides activities and worksheets for “The Pedestrian” by Ray Bradbury.

This bundle includes the following:

• How To Use This Resource – A document that suggests ways you might use these activities and assessments in your classroom
• Author Research and Author’s Purpose Worksheets – Students will complete research on Ray Bradbury and will use this research to help determine the author’s purpose after reading the story.
• Vocabulary Chart – Students will complete this chart for a list of given vocabulary words and two additional unfamiliar words within the story
• Human Barometer Activity – In this activity, students will get out of their chairs and show whether they strongly agree, agree, strongly disagree, etc. with different statements you’ll display on the board that are connected to some of the ideas and themes within the story.
• Reading Questions – 9 open-ended questions about the story that can be used as a homework assignment *Answer Key Included*
• Mood of “The Pedestrian” Worksheet – In this activity, students will need to identify the mood of the story and also locate evidence in the text that supports their answer *Answer Key Included*
• Quiz – 10 multiple-choice questions about the story and the literary terms covered within this bundle *Answer Key Included*

21 pages; 5 slides

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