Grab Bag Narrative Writing Unit

This will make the process of writing a short story much less daunting for your students!

Your students will randomly draw three slips of paper — a character slip, setting slip, and event slip. This is what they will work with as they map out and then write their narrative.

This unit bundle includes the following:

  • Unit Calendar/Plan – This resource provides you a guideline of how you might organize and move through the unit.
  • Assignment Overview – This handout provides an overview of the assignment so students know what they will be working on throughout this unit.
  • Character, Setting, and Event Slips – These are the slips your students will select from three different grab bags. There are 30 of each type. They love this part!
  • PowerPoint Presentation – This 28-slide presentation contains information on the various topics you’ll teach within the unit to help your students write great narratives. (Note: While slides can be added and removed to the PowerPoint version of the presentation, the content within the slides cannot be edited).
  • Plot Elements Handout – This handout is useful for your students to use as they map out the plots of their narratives.
  • Plot Graphic Organizer – Students will use this graphic organizer to map out the plots of their narratives.
  • Setting Development Worksheet
  • Character Development Worksheet
  • Sensory Details Worksheet
  • Hooks Worksheet – This worksheet will require students to write a hook / attention-grabber for the start of their narrative. Different types of hooks are explained on the worksheet for the students to reference.
  • Using Dialogue Worksheet
  • Story Outline – This resource gives students the space to write out a detailed outline of their narrative.
  • Rubric – A PDF version and an editable version of the rubric are included.
  • Peer Review Worksheet

This unit allows your students to meet all of the same learning goals as a personal/autobiographical narrative unit, but the students enjoy it so much more!

Get it here!

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