Personal Narrative Writing Unit

This unit bundle has everything you need to guide your students through the writing process of a personal narrative. Using these materials, your students will write personal narratives in five-paragraph essay format that utilize attention-grabbers/hooks, sensory details, and dialogue.

This unit bundle includes the following:

  • Assignment Overview – This handout provides an overview of the assignment so students know what they will be working on throughout this unit.
  • Narrative Graphic Organizer – Students will use this graphic organizer to outline each paragraph of their personal narrative.
  • Setting Development Worksheet
  • Sensory Details Worksheet
  • Hooks Worksheet – This worksheet will require students to write a hook / attention-grabber for the start of their narrative. Different types of hooks are explained on the worksheet for the students to reference.
  • Using Dialogue Worksheet
  • Rubric – A PDF version and an editable version of the rubric are included. This rubric is in single-point style, meaning each grading category has a single column of criteria, rather than each point level having its own description. Students find this style easier to read and are more likely to focus on the expectations set out in the rubric.
  • Peer Review Guide/Worksheet

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